You Can Make Money NOW Recording Audiobooks!

And This Is EXACTLY How To Do It . . .

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Dear Voice Talent,

The sad truth is that most talent struggle to make money in the voice over business!

Even those who get “big gigs” and “major credits” often only land a couple of jobs per year, leaving them to fill the financial gap by holding down a “real job.”  Is it because of lack of talent?  No!  Is it because of lack of motivation?  Certainly not!  Do they just need a better agent?  Again, a resounding NO!

The biggest mistake voice over talent make in trying to build a consistent or full-time income is believing in the outdated business model of “Talent = Money.”  While talent is important, and you have to have competitive skills, being talented alone is not enough!

Being a successful voice over talent requires 3 things:

1.  Skill (as I just mentioned)

2.  To identify the best market and/or niche

3.  To have a business plan (and the right tools) that produces results

If you are missing any 1 of these ingredients, the formula simply will not work.

I’ve been a full-time voice talent for the past 5 years and was a successful media talent coach, college professor, and corporate executive for almost 30 years prior to that.  I’m a businessman, not just a voice talent, and understand what is required to make money in the marketplace.

If you’re planning to start a voice over business or are a voice talent who needs to start making money, (NOW, not next month) than you have come to the right place.

The videos of my 1-day Audio Book Success Seminar are your roadmap to making money in the fastest growing segment of the voice over industry.

Only $247!

“I’m a Trained Voice Talent, Now What?”

Feel Like You’ve Done Everything Right, But Nothing Is Happening?

I know your story, because it’s the same story I hear almost everyday from voice talent around the world who face the identical challenge.

It’s not that you’ve done anything wrong.  It’s simply that you are missing 1 or 2 (relatively easy to execute) steps.

Imagine, for example, that you are baking a cake.  You add the cake mixture, butter, eggs, then put it in the oven at the correct temperature for the specified period of time.  After pulling the cake from the oven and allowing it to cool, you are very excited to finally take a bite of, what you expect to be, a mouthwatering bite of delicious cake.  The anticipation is high as you put the fork in your mouth, but to your surprise what you experience is anything but delicious!  Your creation is bitter and barely edible.  Why?…no sugar!  This one simple ingredient makes all the difference.

If you’re missing even 1 important ingredient in building your voice over business, bitter disappoint will be your result.

My Audiobook Success Seminar Outlines ALL Elements For Success!

This full day seminar addresses everything you need to know to thrive as a voice over talent recording audiobooks.

I’ve recorded 155 business audio book summaries and am in the middle (literally today) of recording my 22nd full length audiobook with 9 more scheduled to be recorded.

These videos are not . . .

  • A re-hash of everything you’ve heard before that doesn’t work!
  • Theory of what’s supposed to work!
  • An outdated strategy that was relevant a decade ago!
  • A “get rich quick” scheme!

This is the real deal.  Information, coaching, and an action plan to get you recording audiobooks for money . . . quickly!

I Don’t Just TEACH This, I DO This For a Living!

There’s nothing wrong with making a living as a coach, but you darn well better be able to do it yourself!  If for no other reason, than to know that what you’re teaching works!

I’ve consistently generated a 6-figure income from my voice over business since starting 5 years ago.  In these videos I will teach you the same skills and strategy that I use in building my voice over business. This is not “pie in the sky,” this is what works in the trenches of real life business . . . the voice over business.

My Audiobook Success Seminar Will Teach You . . .

The NEW Audiobook Industry and Why It Is The Fasting Niche in Voice Overs

How To Identify The Niche(s) That Will Make You Money (and not waste time and energy): You’ll cut the learning curve and save valuable time by targeting your efforts like a laser beam.

How To Be Marketable By Giving The Right “Read”: Your read style can be the difference between getting the audiobook job . . . or not.  I’ll show you how to get the best out of your voice and performance.

How To Record Your Own Demo:  Which will save you money AND get you work!

How To Create Your Business Plan And Starting Getting Work:  After you have the skills, and marketing tools in place, you’ll need to know where to go to get the work.  In these videos, I’ll show you exactly what to do.

How To Create Your Business Plan And Starting Getting Work

You’ll also learn:

  • How to quickly edit your work professionally and quickly . . . to make your clients happy and give you more time to book more work!
  • The magic phrase to use with prospective clients that will make them want to help you!
  • How selecting the right niche can put your business on the fast track!
  • The biggest demo mistake to avoid which can stall your business plan!
This isn’t just theory, it’s what WORKS.

As I mentioned before, I don’t just teach this material . . . I LIVE it EVERYDAY!  This is not simply what I THINK will work, it’s what has been PROVEN to work in the day-to-day trenches of the voice over business.

When You Order My Audiobook Success Videos, I’ll Also Include These Valuable Bonuses:
  • The audio version of the seminar so you can listen on the run, in the gym, or in your car.
  • A downloadable version of my YouTube voice over tutorials. Over 6 hours of voice over insight and advice available to you when and where you don’t have Internet access.
  • The audio version of my YouTube videos for your iPod or mp3 device.

Audiobook Success:
How To Start Or Revitalize Your Voice Over Career!

Only $247!

I Invite You To Purchase My Audiobook Success Seminar With Absolutely NO Risk.

If You’ve Heard Everything And Have Tried Everything, You’re Understandably Sceptical!

My 60 Day “No Questions Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee!

I wouldn’t expect you to blindly believe everything I tell you and send me your hard earned money with fingers crossed, hoping and praying that what I’m telling you is the truth.

The first question I ask myself before I spend ANY money on my voice over business is “What is my ROI (Return On Investment)?”  If I don’t expect to get a good return (and I’m NOT simply talking about breaking even), then I don’t spend the money.

I want you to make this purchase with absolutely no fear or reservation.  If for any reason my seminar does not equip you with the knowledge, motivation, and strategy to be successful in recording audio books, simply let me know within 60 days and I’ll return your money, no questions asked.

What Will Your Future Bring?

A Year From Now, Will You Be Narrating Audiobooks?  Or Will You Still Be DREAMING About Recording Audiobooks?

“Time flies,” is more than an expression, it’s a reality.  The next year will come and go . . . quickly.  the question is simply, will you be doing what you want to do . . . what you dream of doing, 365 days from now?

Most of us never step out and take the chance,.  We delay taking our shot at doing what we really want.  Often times the reason is fear.  Sometimes self confidence.  Perhaps most of the time it’s procrastination.  We mean to do something.  Our intention is to take action.  We hope that things will work out.  The truth is simply this:

NOTHING happens until you take action!  Don’t misunderstand what I said.  I’m not saying nothing will happen if you don’t purchase my program.  What I’m saying is that you must do SOMETHING to move forward toward your dream if you have any hope of seeing it become a reality.

You can certainly do it the hard way.  That’s what I did my first year in the business.  I searched, investigated, and scraped for every piece of useful information I could relating to the voice over business.  I experimented . . . failed.  Experimented some more . . . failed again.  But I kept trying until I eventually put the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that began to work.

What I’m offering you is the completed puzzle.  It will save you countless hours, tons of frustration, and a whole bunch of money.

This is a BIG first step toward your success in recording audiobooks.

Today Is YOUR Day . . . This Is YOUR Shot.

If You’re Ready To Begin The First Day Of Your Exciting New Career Recording Audiobooks Click The Link Below To IMMEDIATELY Access My Audiobook Success Seminar!

  • 7 streaming videos packed with actionable information!
  • Info on how to set up your own home recording studio!
  • Tips on editing audio quickly and professionally!
  • Techniques for recording a demo that will get you work!
  • Marketing strategies that work in TODAY’S voice over business!

Audiobook Success:  How To Start Or Revitalize Your Voice Over Career!

Only 247!

Is Your Business Plan Working?

I Speak With Voice Over Talent Almost Everyday And I Consistently Hear The Same Stories:

I want to start in the voice over business and I have no idea where to begin.  I know there are a lot of voice over coaches out there but I haven’t been able to find anyone who can help me build a business and make money!

or . . .

I’m an experienced voice over talent.  I occasionally land a pretty good job but I have to keep my day job because I can’t support myself and my family on what I make from recording voice overs!

Sound familiar?

My Audiobook Success Seminar was designed with YOU in mind.  This will give you the knowledge, skills, confidence, and plan that you need to make it recording audiobooks.

Here’s To Your Voice Over Success,

Bill DeWees

P.S. You can spend a lot of time and money trying to figure this out on your own.  I know, because that’s what I did.  This program was designed to get you up and running faster so you can start growing your voice over income sooner rather than later!

P.S.S.  I look forward to hearing your success story soon.  Remember, today is YOUR day . . . Order Now!